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How to use our service apps?
You require five simple steps and you are ready with your apps.

1. Register Yourself
This is a required step since we allow only registered users to use our products; either free or paid versions

2. Sign In
Now login using your registered account and you will be taken to the products page.

3. Buy / Purchase
If you have already purchased an app, please ignore this.For those who are willing to buy can buy using Buy Now button available with app. To buy an app the user must be logged in. Anonymous users will be taken to the sign in page from where you can sign up; which is the first step.

4. Activation
The selected app will be activated soon after the payment is being made.The offline payment mechanism is available in which we accept Cheque and DD for the purchase. The app will be activated after the payment is received. The activation notification will be sent to the buyer.

5. Launch
Now you can launch the app by using launch button of the app.Service helplineYou can write to us about any service inquiry or send your concerns to info@ansa-tech.com

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