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Webrings Expression Core Framework

Features in a nutshell:
This framework is a multi-portal integrated framework platform for:
Business solutions 
Web Infrastructure 
Online service delivery platform

Following are the key features of this framework: 
  • Multi portal framework 
  • CMSIntegrated indexed search with scheduling option 
  • Simple setup 
  • Template based design features 
  • Fine grained integrated security system 
  • Integrated Service delivery platform 
  • Easy shopping portals (each portal is configurable as a shop) 
  • An indigenous web framework. No imported components 
  • Remote site management 
  • Fully customizable framework 
  • Pluggable application components to turn framework into ERP system 
  • In-built SEO features 
  • Friendly URLs / Short URL features 
  • System is made to avoid brute force attack [using captcha at all level] 
  • Fully W3C compatible (passed W3C validator test) 
  • Automated exception handling and exception reporting 

The framework can easily be configured into: 
  • A web MIS 
  • An ERP system 
  • An e-commerce system 
  • A comprehensive web portal 
  • A social media portal
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